Social Media Marketing & Business

The truth of it is, music marketing can be pretty difficult. I have met many amazing artists who produce great music, but just can't seem to get all the traction in the marketplace that they would like.. There was a time when you could be on MySpace and you were set. Those days are gone. So much has changed and now it is more complicated than ever. I worked hard to find my own system, and when I found it I went from just over 200 Twitter followers to over 7.000 followers in less than 4 months! I went from getting YouTube views in the hundreds to views into the thousands. I learned how to leverage Facebook to maximize results, and built a large email list.

I would like to share this system and my 5+ years of social media music experience, and 40+ years as a musician, with artists like yourself from all around the world. It's coming out at the end of January, 2017. The course comes complete with forms to get you going fast. You can download it as soon as it's out and get started building a stronger social media presence for yourself. If you would like an opportunity to check it out for yourself,  just sign up to the list below and you will get first crack at it. As a thank you for your interest in this course, I am offering it to you for only $27 when it publishes, and since it will be selling for $47, this is a sweet deal!! Just to let me know you might be interested!  Sign up now to get this special price, there is absolutely no obligation to buy.

Thank you for your interest!

Course Contents:
Getting Started
Your Website as a Hub
Building Large Email Lists
Getting Twitter to Go Big
Building a Co-Promotion Network
Building Connections With Facebook
Blogging as Brand Building
Getting the System
to Work for You
Monitizing Strategies
Multiple Sources of Income
and more...